Strategies to Reduce Mobile App Development Costs for Startups

Mobile applications have become the core part of the business world, and there is no scope for the mistakes or errors in this cutthroat competition. Do you know what the most crucial aspect that makes an organization the Best Mobile App Development Company is? Mobile application is highly popular among the people these days.  It is the ease of accessing an app. Yes, this factor makes an application stand out from others.

There is no doubt that the world is rapidly going mobile and there is a mad race going on among businesses to outsmart one another in the market. That said, building a brand new mobile app could be an expensive affair especially for startups due to limited capital and resources. However, that should not stop startups to join the bandwagon and reap their benefits.

Ensuring that your application is advantageous for the users and they can finish their tasks effortlessly is an essential step. As indicated by the ongoing figures, 88%of the users stay away from those apps that do not offer the ease of use to them. Additionally, 70% of the organizations confront business failure because of the accessibility issues in their application. In today’s era, where many mobile apps have been produced each day, the users do not take to desert any application if anything turns out badly. To ensure that your application does not go into that uninstall junk folder, you have to delete the probability of malfunction, complicated or lengthy steps, bugs or errors, and more.

The mobile app is growing day by day with a rapid speed from last five years. Many consumers are switching from website to mobile app because they can be accessed at any from anywhere. As a result, businesses are looking for mobile app developers to develop mobile apps for their business. It helps exposure, improves customer loyalty, and builds stronger brands. Therefore, mobile apps enable customers to interact with the brand in personal space; it can significantly increase the demand of the brands and their investment as well. It has become one of the primary sources to increase brand visibility.

Half of your problem can be resolved if you Hire Mobile App Developers that have the potential to develop advanced applications.

Effortless Onboarding

As we all know, the first step for using an app is the signup procedure. Therefore, it should be smooth, quick, and accessible. This is because no one likes to waste his or her time filling a long-form. From making a new profile to get simple access, everything should be direct and to the point. During the sign-up/onboarding process, you can use social media platforms, such as Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, etc. You can give them an option to signup via these platforms. It will save their time, as well as the efforts of the users. As per a survey, most of the users instantly close and delete the app that does not give them easy steps to register.

Focus on the main features

The intent behind building a business app is to make users’ lives easier than ever, so they can make transactions and perform daily operations at their fingertips. However, if you are of the opinion that bombarding the app with too many features is a good idea, think again! There is no point in increasing the overall expense by adding extra features, just stay on the necessary features and functionalities for starters.

Cross-Platform Development

Ask any startup guru; developing a mobile app for a single platform is not going to be the best bet for your business. Cross-platform mobile app development allows you to use a single code base across multiple platforms, thus saving you extra costs and time.

Unique and Simple UI/UX

Going for simple and elegant designs is a sure shot way to reduce mobile app development costs. Startups do not want to confuse users with complex designs but are rather aiming for simple and minimal UI designs for clarity purposes and cutting design costs.

Efficient Planning for App Development

The main aim of the mobile app is to provide the best user experience for the customer. However, app development is a tough process that needs several iterations and modifications before it achieves perfection, and each change increases the cost of the event. While it’s only natural to have good ideas of how to enhance customer interaction with the app, by brainstorming with the team at the initial stages and weighing the pros and cons of various designs, you can choose the best features to lessening the cost of making too many alterations.


Prepare Final Sketch

No doubt, coding is the base of all the successful app development process.

It is important to have a clear vision of the outcomes from the app or kind of the interface that you are going to provide the customers. Therefore, by sketching the apps and its interface, you can communicate the expectations to the developers. So that he can use it as the starting point of the design interface and workflow, so that it can match the sketch perfectly. It will sort out all the extra work by doing so.


 Decide the platform of your app

While designing any app, make sure that your app reaches the maximum number of the audience by considering low development cost, it might make more sense to a target a single platform. To decide which platform should be preferred for the development totally depends upon the choices of the users.


Outsource the Mobile App Development Project

While some businesses prefer outsourcing as a loss of control to the development process, it comes with a host of benefits. When you outsource the app development, you will get access not only to the expertise of skilled developers who have experience in app development but also to many, more design options for the app.


Use most of the existing technologies

You can cut down growth if you use the current technologies, the frameworks that he has created for the previous build. By choosing a preexisting structure that meets your requirements, you can significantly cut down the development time, reducing app development cost in the process.

Use templates and open-source frameworks

Building an app from scratch isn’t always the most feasible option for startups due to monetary constraints. So templates are the most convenient and the best way to reduce the cost of app development. Plus, there are free open source frameworks that enable developers to use standardized APIs and slash the overall mobile app development costs.


Agile methodology

Agile methodology is an iterative approach allowing developers to make changes ‘as and when required’ as opposed to the traditional way where the product is built completely first, then tested by a team of Quality Analysts. Thus, agile methodology is both cost-effective and time-saving.



Putting together a team of professionals with sound knowledge and expertise will incur high costs. Hiring resources for a single or limited project(s) is not a great idea from the money point of view. Consider outsourcing mobile app development services from a well-known service provider. It would not just allow you to leverage the skills and experience of experts in a well-established team, but will also be truly cost-effective.

Precise and Trouble-Free Navigation

iOS or Android app developers nowadays keep a focus on trouble-free navigation. The majority of the applications have extremely poor navigation that leads the clients to uninstall the application immediately. Hence, your mobile app should have clear navigation where the clients can quickly get their destination. You have to ensure that the application effortlessly finds the item that users’ are searching for within no time. By fusing extravagant features and complicated steps, you will make it difficult for the users to locate the desired item in the application. This will ultimately make the client perplexed, and your application could get uninstalled in a short timeframe.

Therefore, it is suggested to attempt to give automatic guidance at the beginning when the users opened your application. Also, keep everything short; do not include longer steps for users, in order to finish the required task in the application.

Have a minimum viable product (mvp)

Startup MVP development is the most effective and widely used method to develop apps at considerably cheaper costs. A Minimum Viable App is a prototype containing the designs and essential features of the app. Instead of spending dollars and time in making the app at first attempt, businesses get an MVP built, release it publicly, and use it use to raise money for their app. Due to this, more and more startups are accepting MVP as the preferred method to cut mobile app development costs.


With the advancement in the Android and iOS market, the demand of WORA (Write Once Run Everywhere) is also growing. The Cross-platform tools launched earlier were hybrid and it needed web view to render apps developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. No doubts, these hybrid apps have a good speed and reduce the cost of reworking but they cannot match the user experience and performance that native apps provide. By following these tips, you can reduce mobile app development cost and for more information, consult the best mobile app development companies in India.

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