Supacell’s Rapman And Tosin Cole Interview

Supacell's Rapman And Tosin Cole Interview

Another part of the series obviously plays on conspiracy theories that we’ve heard in the past. So, what conspiracy theories do you believe in?

Rapman: That’s a rabbit hole, you know. I’m always deep in there. Honestly, I’m the type of person that I don’t dismiss anything 100%. Because I don’t know. So, if you were to sit here and tell me this, this and this, I can never say “you’re lying. I don’t believe.” I don’t know – I can’t say no, and I can’t say yes because I haven’t seen proof. Someone’s looking at something somewhere. But when you watch the show and you can see that they’re being watched, there’s no way in this world where someone in South London gets powers and they’re not hitting somebody’s radar. So, for me, I believe in that.

Well, speaking of conspiracy theories, do you guys remember Negro Solstice Day? If you don’t remember, a while back somebody tweeted that on December 21st, all Black people would get superpowers.

Rapman: I do remember Black people getting ready to get superpowers on a certain day. I remember hearing that! I was like a year into writing Supacell and I got that link and I was like, “are people going to connect this to that when it comes out?”

If you were to get powers, firstly, what powers would you want to get? And then also, what would be the first thing that you would do? 

Rap Man: I want Michael’s powers, that’s why I wrote him! Those are the powers that I think are the most important for me. Like, I want to be able to get from here to there, here to there, here to there, here to there. I don’t like travelling, but I like going places. I don’t like being late, but I tend to be late the odd time. If I need to be somewhere, I’m there. And I love the whole freezing as well. Honestly, the powers I wrote for his character, are the most convenient, to me. Like, you can do anything with that. If I was a crook, which I am not, or never have been – that’s a nice disclaimer there – I could just freeze the bank and walk in and take some money. There’s just so many things you can do with that power. We might be leaking a bit of season two right now.

But in general, his power, to me, it can cause the most damage. To be honest, that’s why the most level-headed character out of the whole five, I suppose the nicest person on paper, at the moment, got the most powerful powers.

So with great power comes great responsibility, but why can people just get powers and vibe?

Rapman: That’s the thing with our characters – none of them are trying to save the world. They are vibing, but they’ve got issues. They’re trying to save their own world, so none of them are really trying to stop bridges from falling or nothing. They’re not really heroes at all. And I feel like Supercell shows what normal people would do if they actually got powers, instead of getting spandex and the capes.

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