Taylor Swift Honors Child Cancer Victim, the Inspiration behind the song ‘Ronan,’ by dedicating it to his mother at Philly Concert

Taylor Alison Swift is a prominent American singer and songwriter. She was born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, on December 13, 1989. Taylor is the most influential artist in the music industry. She is mainly known for her amazing lyrics that convey deep emotions. Her songs inspired a generation of people. Her kind personality is what made her a beloved artist to millions of people around the world.

Taylor debuted her music career in 2004 when she signed a deal with Sony Music to write songs for the music record company. Her first individual album, a self-titled album, was released in 2006. After that giving a back-to-back hit with ‘Fearless’ released in 2008, and ‘Speak Now’ released in 2010 made her more familiar to the country’s audience.

Taylor Swift releases Taylor Swift version of ‘Speak Now’ (Credits: Billboard)

Her first two hits that made her career bloom and rose her to fame were ‘You Belong with Me’ and ‘Love Story,’ and she gave a lot of single hits after that. She has been featured in Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Artists, Forbes Celebrity 100, and Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time.

Taylor has been awarded Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, Primetime Emmy Award, Guinness World Records, and Album of the Year Award. Taylor was honored with the Artist of The Decade title in 2019 by American Music Awards. By now, she has sold over 200 million records worldwide.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift while receiving the Artist of The Decade Award in American Music Awards Festival (Credits: Elle)

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The Story of “Ronan”

Taylor Swift wrote a song, “Ronan,” in 2012 about a three-year-old boy who died of neuroblastoma cancer. It was written from the perspective of the boy’s mother, Mary Thompson, who lost her son in 2011, just before his birthday. The boy Ronan would have turned 16 on May 12, 2023, which also happened to be the day of Taylor’s concert in Philadelphia. So, Taylor, who kept in touch with Maya, invited her to the show and sent her free tickets at Lincoln Financial Field. Maya Thompson will fly to Philadelphia to attend the concert from May 12 to May 14.

When Scooter Braun took control of her former label, Big Machine Records, Taylor Swift decided to re-record her previous albums as new versions under her name. Swift included this song as a part of her album “Red.” The original song was a charity single that was written to raise awareness and funding for helping cancer victims. When Taylor reached out to Maya for her permission to release this song, Maya’s happiness was boundless. Maya was heartbroken for Taylor when she found out about the Braun incident but supported her and knew that Taylor would for sure bounce back from it. 

According to Maya Thompson, Taylor and she met for the first time backstage at Taylor’s Speak Now World Tour. “I was surprised that Taylor knew about my blogs; it meant a lot for me to co-write the song with her. I honestly did not expect “Ronan” to be a part of Swift’s plan to re-record her albums,” said Maya. Thompson also expressed her gratitude towards Swift for ensuring that the song remained with her and not in the hands of those who might not have had the same level of understanding and compassion.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Performing Live Her Album Reputation (Credits: CNN)

The re-recorded version of the song continues to maintain the intense emotions from the original but with a more mature vocal performance from Taylor Swift. Fans were deeply connected to the songs and praised Taylor for her decision to make this song.  

The story behind the song “Ronan” not only had the ability to move people but also achieved in promoting awareness about cancer. The re-recording of the songs shows Swift’s commitment to her art, and fans go beyond seeking profits and extend to using her platform to bring attention to causes that are important to her.

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