Taylor Swift’s Public Romance With Travis Kelce Is Nothing New

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In fact, the two relationships that preceded Joe were arguably the most public that Taylor had before Travis, namely due to the way that she’d had started to utilize social media at this point in her career.

While Taylor’s love life has always been highly-publicized thanks to the media interest that is largely fueled by the star’s songs, she began to offer a more intimate insight into it when she started dating Calvin Harris in 2015. 

At this point in time, Taylor’s career had reached new peaks following the release of her highly-acclaimed 2014 album 1989, which cleaned up at the Grammys and established Taylor as one of the world’s biggest popstars. 

She had also forged an A-list clique of celebrity friends, otherwise known as her “girl squad,” which she gave fans glimpses into on Instagram. 

Before she wiped her social media page ahead of her Reputation era in 2017, the profile was full of intimate photos of her cooking, partying, and generally hanging out with everybody from Selena Gomez to Blake Lively to Karlie Kloss.

And she had a similarly no-holds-barred approach to her love life, with Calvin being a frequent fixture on her grid. 

Elements photos

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