Techy facts for you

Fact-1 you know that cars we see in advertisements are not real but are computerized and are designed by CGIgrapics (computer generated grapics) .

They are not real.

Fact 2 have u seen fire it is visible but methanol fire is a fire which is very much dangerous but not visible.

Fact 3 do you know Western countries use a magic to catch thieves. Here magic is a device . it is a rope which when thrown on thief binds his body or legs.
It is designed by Bola rope

Fact 4 you know our whole nervous system is recorded in a painting made by two medical students. It looks 1500 hours to paint that painting .

Fac t 5 
You know that only 25% of people can Type well without looking at the keyboard. Told by CIAT.

jeremy harper counted from 0 to 1 million continuous and it has been recorded by Guinness World Records. it took 3 months for him to count.

Fact 7
Do you know that every second there are 7 websites made continuously.
Fact 8
Do you know that from starting of humanity to 2003 the total data made is equal to the two days data made today in form of videos and images.
Fact 9
We can see the photo of largest moons of Jupiter from Earth named LO,Europe, ganymede, calisto.
Elephants can differ between human males and females voices and can recognise them.

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