Telegram’s New Update Will Help You Save Battery Life

Telegram has positioned itself as a solid messaging app/social network, with constant changes and new features. Now, there’s even a mode that will help you conserve battery life when you need it the most.

Telegram’s latest update is here, and it’s coming with a slew of changes — some of them all-new, others borrowed from other messaging apps. The most notable one, though, is the addition of a power-saving mode. When your phone is low on battery, you can turn the app’s power-saving mode on, disabling things like animated stickers, auto-playing GIFs, heavy app animations, constant background syncing, and other features that might drastically affect your phone’s battery.

Telegram settings image

There are also other additions. For starters, there are more granular speed controls for voice messages and videos, letting you hold the speed button and drag a bar to select any speed setting between 0.2x and 2.5x. Also, if you’re in any group chat with under 100 people, you’ll be able to see the time when each individual member of the group read your message.

The new update should be available soon on all devices. If you want to read the full changelog, you should also read through Telegram’s blog post at the link below to know more.

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