The Best Cream Blushes For Mature Skin, According To A Makeup Artist

The products that look great in our 30s are not always going to be the ones that best serve our skin’s needs in our 50s and beyond, whether it’s skincare staples or everyday makeup must-haves like a go-to blush.

New York City-based makeup artist Abby Lauren is partial toward using very hydrating formulas on mature skin, both for prepping the skin and when applying makeup products. “I love using a hyaluronic acid serum then a very hydrating moisturizer. If the skin is really dry, you can seal it in with a facial oil!” This creates a more receptive base for foundation, blush, and other makeup products.

She recommends that people with mature skin use a cream blush over a powder blush. “Cream blush adds a natural glow and is creamier and much more hydrating than a powder,” she said. Not only does the extra hydration look gorgeous, but Lauren adds that it is “easy to apply with your fingers and just blend it out,” which makes it a great option when on the go and for people who don’t love fussing with makeup tools. 

Since cream blushes are also generally buildable, you can customize your application to the amount that best suits your aesthetic on any given day without looking cakey or outdated. However, Lauren cautions that less is more, and there’s always the chance that “the more product you use, the more likely it is to settle into fine lines and wrinkles.”

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