The Hidden Downside Of Summer

The Hidden Downside Of Summer

First, you want to figure out why you’re feeling guilty about staying indoors. Are you experiencing FOMO or are you worried you won’t get another chance to be outside again soon? Or, perhaps, are you anxious that you’re not reaching your potential? Once you’ve identified what’s behind the shame, you can tackle the feeling head-on, Saltz said.

If you’re feeling FOMO, you want to show yourself that you’re not actually missing out. Tell yourself, “I’m doing what I’m meant to do, and I can have this other opportunity of being out in the sun at a better time for me,” Saltz suggested.

Practicing gratitude can also lift your spirits. Grab a journal and jot down a list of things that have recently brought you joy. This might help you see that you aren’t missing out or lacking activity in life.

And if social media is making you feel worse, log out of your apps for the day. If you’re struggling with the uncertainty of when the next beautiful day will be, know that there will be more sunny days soon.

“Remind yourself that more sun will always be coming,” Saltz said. 

For those who feel like they’re not doing enough, Hemendinger suggested that showing yourself some grace may help.

“Practicing self-compassion in this case looks like giving yourself permission to show up how you need to show up in life in that moment,” she said.

It’s OK to not be super productive every day. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial for our physical and mental health to carve out time to rest and refuel.

“People need to consider how they best feel they can recharge their energy,” Hemendinger said.

Listen to your body. If you want or need rest, give yourself permission to lay low and take it easy. 

It’s a common misconception that we need to have fun throughout the summer, but this isn’t fair or even true.

“Fun is where you make it, fun is where you find it, fun is not a limited commodity, and therefore [there] are many ways to have fun,” Saltz said.

So, ditch the idea that you need to be busy when it’s nice out. Expand your definition of fun to include relaxing at home and enjoying it.

“It will help you all around,” Saltz said.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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