The Night Agent Filming Locations: This Is Where The Action-Thriller Was Filmed

The Night Agent

Released on March 23rd, 2023, the crime thriller series titled, The Night Agent was created by Shawn Ryan, who took inspiration from author Matthew Quirk who first wrote his novel of the same name. Since its release, the series has continued to set records for itself, as within the first month of its launch, it managed to become Netflix’s sixth most-watched show.

With only ten episodes in its first season, the series was a pleasant surprise for viewers who could not wait for the next season. The high demand and the positive reviews of the show played a significant role in getting the series a second season. The show has actor Gabriel Basso in the main role, playing the night agent named Peter Sutherland, who works for the White House.

Actress Luciane Buchanan for the role of the female protagonist, Rose Larkin, Fola Evans-Akingbola as Chelsea Arrington, Eve Harlow as Ellen, and Enrique Murciano as Ben Almora. The show has a long list of talented actors cast for supporting roles and guest appearances. 

The action series follows the story of Peter Sutherland, an FBI agent employed at the White House as a Night Action agent. Peter finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy related to a spy that may have infiltrated the government of the United States.

Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in the show, The Night Agent (Credits: Netflix)

While trying to find who the possible spy could be, he is also charged with the task of protecting Rose Larkin, a woman whose aunt and uncle could have been potentially murdered by the spies themselves. While trying to keep her safe, the two get closer and decide to get to the bottom of the matter to find the mole. The show has had to re-create quite a few locations but also included many real outdoor spots too. Fans of the show can find below the exciting locations where the show was filmed.

The Night Agent’s Filming Locations

A significant portion of the show was shot either in British Columbia, located in the extreme west of Canada, or in Vancouver City, also an important city in western Canada. The city actually acted as a replacement for the actual capital city of Washington, D.C.

Vancouver, Canada

A significant portion of the show was shot here and not just for the interiors, but many of the outdoor scenes were also shot in a major city in Canada. Fans can easily spot and recognize the places where the series has been filmed, as it includes famous hotpots like the Vancouver Public Library, which is located on Robson Street. 

The Vancouver Public Library in the show, The Night Agent (Credits: Netflix)
The Vancouver Public Library in the show, The Night Agent (Credits: Netflix)

Another important location is the Cambie Street Bridge, which was the main location for most of the driving scenes, especially the ones shot at night, which beautifully captured the beautiful city line of Vancouver. A chase scene that could be seen as an introductory scene to his character was shot at the Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza, the exterior of which was used as a stand-in for the metro.

The JW Marriott Parq, Vancouver, is another important spot where Rose’s uncle and aunt were killed, and she was forced to run for her life. The New Brighton Beach featured in the series as the Foundry Branch Park, another spot where Peter saves Rose.

British Columbia, Canada

The University of British Columbia was cast in the series as Georgetown University. This is where almost all of the campus scenes involving Maddie and Chalsea were shot. Another place featured in the film as a part of Georgetown University was the St. James Anglican Church, which was in the show as the university library.

The container depot scene in the series, The Night Agent (Credits: Netflix)
The container depot scene in the series, The Night Agent (Credits: Netflix)

A restaurant in Langley, British Columbia, called the Hilltop Diner Cafe was in the series with a slight change in its name, The Hilltop Cafe. The Ironworks is another location spot, part of which was converted into the cafe where Maddie meets with one of her classmates, and the other part of it was transformed into the former’s teacher’s house, where the former actually stayed while she was kidnapped by him.

The WTC Group Lindsey Terminal was turned into D.C.C Container Depot, where Peter once again had to help rescue Maddie. The Fort Langley Airport was the location where the series shot its last shot. This is the spot where Rose and Peter say their goodbyes, with Peter finally getting the real night agent position. 

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