If you’ve been waiting to pick up any of this year’s best PC games, now might be the time: the Steam Autumn Sale is now underway, offering significant discounts on loads of great games both new and old. It’s also your chance to nominate games for this year’s Steam Awards, which includes a new award category for 2022.

As usual, Steam has a boatload of sales on everything from the best FPS games and RPG games to the best 4X games and RTS games. If you navigate to the store’s front page, you’ll also find a personalised list of recommended games on sale that’s based on the stuff you tend to play most (a lot of Warhammer stuff pops up in mine, go figure).

You can also submit your nominations for this year’s Steam Awards on the appropriate page. In addition to the usual Game of the Year and Steam-specific categories like ‘labour of love’ and ‘best game you suck at’ awards, Valve has also established a new category: the ‘best game on the go’ award, which pairs well with this year’s launch of the Steam Deck.

Games released since the end of last year’s Autumn Sale are eligible for nomination for most categories (some, like Labour of Love, don’t have release window restrictions).

One standout pick during this year’s sale is Hitman 3, which at 65% off is currently at the lowest price it’s ever had on Steam – that’s $20.99 USD / £17.49 GBP or your regional equivalent. Superhero action-adventure game Gotham Knights, which launched just last month, is currently 40% off for the sale, putting it at a cool $35.99 / £29.99.

If you were hoping to snag a copy of Elden Ring on sale during this event, tough break – FromSoft’s latest RPG is staying at full price for now, sorry.

There’s plenty more games on sale for the Steam event, but you can always just browse games and submit your nomination ballot if you’re not in the spending mood just yet. The sale runs November 22 – 29.

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