These Hotel Upgrades Are Worth The Money

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Quieter Rooms On Higher Floors

“I do everything possible to ensure my hotel room is as quiet as possible,” said Phil Dengler, co-founder of The Vacationer. “That includes selecting a room that is on a high floor and away from elevators.“

Staying on a higher floor typically means less street noise, and opting for the top floor ensures you won’t hear other guests shuffling around in their rooms above you.

“Depending on the hotel, this may be an extra charge during booking,” Dengler said. “In other situations, you can request it for free during the booking process or ask when you arrive at the hotel.“

If quiet is your priority, he also recommended putting in a request for a room away from the elevators when you book or check in, as there tends to be more foot traffic and noise around that area.

“As a light sleeper, I am always willing to pay extra for high-floor rooms away from the elevators,” Dengler said. “Additionally, I opt for a corner room if it is available for more privacy and the potential for less noise. Like high-floor rooms, there is often an additional charge for corner rooms. In many cases, these rooms are often larger, offer better views and are quieter.”

Early Check-In And Late Checkout

“Early check-in and late checkout are the two perks that are almost always worth it,” said Melissa DaSilva, president of Trafalgar, North America. “Early check-in is ideal for travelers getting in early, especially after a red-eye, to freshen up or get some pillow time before exploring a new place. Late checkout is great to maximize your last day on a trip with comfort and convenience.”

She recommended checking your credit card options, as many travel cards come with perks that allow you to get hotel upgrades without paying extra.

“I always will try and get early check-in or late checkout with my room,” echoed travel blogger Esther Susag. “it really can just make your travel experience so much smoother.”

Airport Transfers

“The last thing that I think is very worth it is airport transfers,” said Susag. “If I have a super early or super late flight, I find using the hotel’s transfers is generally more reliable and just takes the stress out of things.”

Still, she always compares the prices of their airport transfer to what an Uber would cost just in case there’s a great deal.


“An upgrade that I think can really be worth it depending on where you are is the breakfast,” Susag said. “If I am at a more expensive destination, I will opt for the hotel breakfast because I can usually make myself a snack for later and save some money on a meal rather than going to a more expensive restaurant in the city.”

Look into room upgrades or other options that come with breakfast to optimize your food budget.

“I tend to save my big splurge meal for lunch or dinner when I travel, so eating breakfast at the hotel is a quick, convenient way to help save on meal costs,” Beckford said.

This post originally appeared on Huffington Post.

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