These Supporting Characters Were So Good They Outshined The ‘Actual’ Main Characters

These Supporting Characters Were So Good They Outshined The ‘Actual’ Main Characters

While most shows and films will have a main character, they’re not necessarily the *best* character. Sometimes, there’s someone else who steals the show every time they’re on the screen.

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Well, recently u/iamharoldshipman (not a username we control!) asked the folks over at r/popculturechat: “What side character is better than the main character?” We’ve picked out some of the best responses…

2. “The Genie in Aladdin – phenomenal cosmic power, itty bitty living space.”

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3. “Princess Carolyn (from Bojack Horseman) was the most get-shit-done character on the show, and always delivered the best tongue twister lines.”


5. “Douglas Reynholm in The IT Crowd. Matt Berry makes everything perfect.”

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6. “Definitely Sister Michael from Derry Girls. ‘I think we should keep them separate… I think we should keep them in cages.'”

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7. “I’d die for Sydney (from The Bear). The birthday party for her mom, and her quietly realising she’s now older than her mom was… Such a heartbreakingly understated scene. Sydney is love, Sydney is life.”


8. “Dylan O’Brien as Stiles made Teen Wolf for me. I get that he was supposed to represent the audience with his ‘humanness’, but his personality and mannerisms captivated me. I would have 100% watched a Stiles-centric spin-off.”


9. “Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. His character arc was possibly the best I’ve ever seen.”


10. “Mona from Pretty Little Liars. So interesting to watch.”


11. “Darius is the best part of Atlanta. Earn’s too obsessed with seeming cool to maximize his advantages, and Al’s got self-esteem issues that eclipse his success.”


“Darius is a real one. I spent a lotta time with plenty of Dariuses in my life and they’re the ones worth hanging with.”


12. “Chris Elliott in Scary Movie 2. He gave the strong hand and the comedy like no other.”

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13. “Regular Sized Rudy in Bob’s Burgers is always my favorite part of any episode he’s in.”


14. “Lincoln from Broad City was hands-down the best character on that show.”

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15. “Ken was perfection, but Alan was the true unsung hero of Barbie. There is only one Alan!”

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16. “Billy is hands down the best Twilight character.”

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17. “Samwise Gamgee (from The Lord of the Rings). No doubt about it. I could write a whole graduate thesis on how he is the perfect secondary character, BUT I WON’T.”

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What side characters do you think outshine the main character(s)? Let us know in the comments below!

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