This Handheld Spin Brush Is A ‘Game Changer In Cleaning’ — And It’s 50% Off

This Handheld Spin Brush Is A 'Game Changer In Cleaning' — And It's 50% Off

“Easy cleaning with this self-powered scrubbing machine. I was surprised how strong and good it was going to work. I expected it to be like another I tried before and was instead blown away by the power of it to move the big brush head around, getting into the corners of the tub. Easier than by hand I got a great clean in less than half the time and way less effort or strain on my arms and back.” —Sky [NOTE: This review has been condensed for length. See the complete review here.]

“I noticed there’s a lot of these scrubbers on the market very recently, like at Walmart’s ‘seen on TV’ section. But this is the first one that caught my attention, and I really, really like it. Easy button presses to turn on and off. It’s waterproof. It makes cleaning almost like a video game, just press down, and things get clean. Kind of mind-blowing that this didn’t really exist before. Game changer in cleaning. I bought an extra set of brushes/scrubs. I really hope that this company never goes out of business because where am I gonna get the heads from?” —Lee M.

“Let me start by saying that the Electric Spin Scrubber is an absolute game-changer when it comes to cleaning — especially in the bathroom! As someone who’s always on the lookout for ways to make cleaning easier and more efficient, this product exceeded my expectations in every way.

First off, let’s talk about the design. The handheld spin scrubber is ergonomically designed, making it comfortable to hold and use for extended periods. Plus, the LED display adds a touch of modernity, allowing me to easily monitor the battery life and settings. The inclusion of 6 replaceable heads is a huge plus. Each head serves a different purpose, from scrubbing tiles and grout to cleaning sinks and bathtubs. I love how versatile it is, eliminating the need for multiple cleaning tools cluttering up my space.

But what truly sets this electric scrubber apart is its power. With just the press of a button, it tackles even the toughest stains and grime with ease. It’s like having a professional cleaning service right in the palm of my hand. And the best part? It’s incredibly efficient. Gone are the days of spending hours scrubbing away – the Electric Spin Scrubber gets the job done in a fraction of the time, leaving my bathroom sparkling clean and looking brand new.

If you’re tired of struggling with traditional cleaning methods and want to streamline your routine, I can’t recommend the Electric Spin Scrubber enough. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Say goodbye to scrubbing fatigue and hello to effortless cleaning – this product is a game-changer!” —AISULUU KYDYRALIEVA

Very nice package with all types of nozzles. It took me 3 minutes to clean my stove, and 7 minutes for the bathroom. I liked the cone nozzle. It cleaned all the corners I couldn’t reach using regular brush. Brushes are easy to clean after usage. Charged fast and took less time to complete the job before the battery ran out. Very useful tool!” —Alexandr Khegay

“I ordered this scrubber specifically for the bathroom. Who doesn’t have problems scrubbing down the walls and the tub at that angle? This scrubber comes with 5 different heads to address every dirt and angle issue you could possibly have. From soap scum to muddy tile, it will clean it all. The unit came fully charged and ready to go, with explicit directions (in multiple languages). It comes with a charging cord but no brick and is very easily plugged into the bottom of the scrubber. One long press on the only button will start the scrubbing, short presses change the speed from low to high and back, and another long press will turn the scrubber off. The charge lasts for over an hour of continuous use. The entire unit is waterproof, so it can be washed and sterilized, but I’m still contemplating using it in places other than the bathroom! However, there are enough replaceable heads that once the power unit is cleaned, I can always select another head for other areas. I think it’s well priced for the cleaning power you get!” —Susan

This motorized scrub brush is truly a lifesaver for cleaning tile! I have a large tiled walk-in shower that I used to scrub on my hands and knees with a regular scrub brush. It would take me an hour to clean the whole shower. With this motorized brush, I was able to do it in half the time without feeling completely worn out. The attachments very easily snapped into place, and were also easy to remove. The brush has 2 power speeds, that change with a simple press of the button. The brush is very waterproof as I had my shower heads running the whole time I was cleaning. If you press down too hard, the motor bogs down a little, but otherwise the power was sufficient and it did its job. I will never go back to manually scrubbing my shower now that I have this device. I’m impressed!” —Amazon Customer

“Where has this product been my whole life?!? It has made cleaning a game changer. I used to spend hours scrubbing my bathroom and end up with a sore arm from scrubbing so hard. This product cleans stuck-on soap scum and mold with ease. Definitely saves time scrubbing. Lightweight, travel-friendly, waterproof, and has different attachments. I could even wax my car with this! Great product. Highly recommend!” —angela wong

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