This Might Be The Internet’s Favorite Portable Grill — And Reviewers Say It Heats Up Fast

This Might Be The Internet’s Favorite Portable Grill — And Reviewers Say It Heats Up Fast

“After using this grill about six times now, I don’t see me ever using my full-size grill again (except maybe when cooking for a crowd). It gets very hot, very quickly. Perfect for searing steaks. I’ve grilled salmon, steaks, shrimp, eggplant, brats, and hot dogs. All came out perfect. It seems to just sip propane. I kept waiting for my nearly empty tank to run out (I figured I had maybe 1–2 more sessions left in it), but it just kept going and going!” —FloridaDink

“This Weber grill was very easy to assemble. Once I put it together, I hooked it up and used it to cook some burgers. The temperature reached 500 very quickly. The burgers were great! Clean up of the grates was quick and easy also. I liked the little foil tray to catch grease. When I cleaned up the grill, it looked brand new again.” —Michael Patterson

“This is my second Weber grill. I love this model because it doesn’t take up much space. And yet, I can cook for eight people on it with no problem. Quality construction, easy to clean.” —Jennifer

The grill takes up minimal space, heats quickly, and has room to grill multiple large steaks or other items. This is a replacement grill for another identical one I had. That grill lasted for six years, unprotected from rain, ice, and snow. It continued to work fine until a clumsy dog knocked it off the table onto the cement this spring and damaged it. So, it’s extremely durable even when left unprotected.” —Jim Thomas

“Very durable grill. Very nice grill. The lid closes tight and includes a nice handle and a built-in thermometer. I like how the grates cover the burner to avoid grease from dropping onto the burner. It’s lightweight and easy to carry. I would recommend this grill to anyone to purchase. If you need a larger one then go with the 2200 series.” —Sandra Bailey

Grill cooks meats and veggies so nice. I brought it to go in my van and use on whatever trip I’m on….it’s perfect. I like the red color.” —Mike

“I wanted something small for quick grilling of brats, etc… without starting up the 22. Impressed with the number of grills I get with a 1 lb tank. Plan on buying a 5-galon and hose for convenience. Very well-made, quality product. I like the way Weber designed the grates so it drips around the heat source to minimize flare-ups. Lightweight as well. Recommended” —Mark Mura

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