TikToker’s 7 Types Of People You Shouldn’t Travel With

TikToker's 7 Types Of People You Shouldn't Travel With

1. “People who are equal parts structure and ‘go with the flow’…especially if you’re traveling internationally. A lot of museums, monuments, historical sites, etc. require timed tickets and sell out in advance. It’s THIS type of experience where you need some structure. After you finish your tour, there’s nothing better than strolling for a low-key lunch; it doesn’t need to be structured, but knowing a lunch time will come AFTER the tour will help set expectations and keep everyone on the same page.”

2. “People who understand tipping culture. It’s different everywhere, and it’s not always clear what the expectations are. If you have a friend (or you are the friend) who understands the nuances of tipping culture from state-to-state or country-to-country, add them to your travel squad immediately. It’s an invaluable skill. The same goes for people who can strike up a conversation with anyone — this is where the best stories will come from!”

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