Tom Hanks’s Son Chet Hanks On “White Boy Summer” Drama

In an article published on their site on Tuesday, GPAHE revealed that groups including the Proud Boys and White Lives Matter have been using Chet’s slogan “to spread propaganda, recruit new members, and facilitate targeted hate campaigns including acts of vandalism and hate incidents.”

Just last month, podcaster Jack Posobiec — who the Southern Poverty Law Center has linked to white supremacists — was seen waving a banner with the words “white boy summer” written on it at a conservative group meeting in Detroit, where former president Donald Trump was a keynote speaker. 

Thousands of posts using the term “white boy summer” have also been documented on Telegram, a platform known for its use by extremist groups, this year, with the New York Times adding that the term now “represents an unapologetic embrace of white heterosexual masculinity, often at the expense of women and people of color.”

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