Turn Your Home Into A Cat Paradise With These 41 Items

Turn Your Home Into A Cat Paradise With These 41 Items

Here’s what BuzzFeeder Jenae Sitzes has to say: 

“I’ve had my microchip pet feeders from Sure Petcare for a couple of months now, and while it was a pricey investment, it’s been worth every single penny and has alleviated a ton of stress around my cat’s meals. One of my cats, Sneaky, always wants to eat his brother’s food and has a tendency to be overweight. Separating them for meals just wasn’t working — they would whine at the door and simply not eat enough unless they could eat side by side and have free access to food throughout the day — but I also couldn’t be sure that my younger (and much smaller) cat, Chicho, was eating enough with Sneaky gobbling up part of his meals, too. When my vet started throwing around the word “diabetes” as a very real concern if Sneaky didn’t start sticking to a controlled diet every day, I knew I needed to finally cough up the money for microchip feeders — I mean, it’d be a drop in the bucket compared to the longterm cost of cat insulin. 

Surprisingly, there aren’t many great microchip feeder options out there, but after extensive research, I found that these particular feeders are widely considered to be the best option currently available — and they go in and out of stock pretty often as a result. Setup is ridiculously fast, the open-close function works beautifully, and my cats learned how to use them almost immediately. Finally, Sneaky can *only* eat what’s in his feeder, which allows me to control his calorie intake and see exactly how much food he’s eating daily — and I can be sure that Chicho is getting *enough* food, too. This is also a fantastic solution if you have cats on different diets due to health reasons, and if one of them starts eating way less for some reason, you’ll know immediately and be able to report that to your vet. I also love that the feeder comes with both split and regular bowls — I use the split bowls to serve my cats both dry food and wet food at once!

BTW, I have the basic microchip feeder (because it was the only option in stock), but there’s also a Wi-Fi-enabled option that connects to the Sure Petcare app for monitoring eating habits, weighing food portions, and more.” 

Get it from Amazon for $199.

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