Upgrade your truck’s performance with this K&N throttle control module – now 59% off

Upgrade your truck’s performance with this K&N throttle control module – now 59% off

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The K&N Throttle Control Module is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing your vehicle’s performance, and thanks to early Black Friday sales, now it’s available at a jaw-dropping 59% discount off the MSRP, priced at just $142.50. If you’ve been craving faster throttle response, accelerated acceleration, and an overall improved driving experience, this is the deal for you.

In addition to the above K&N Throttle Control Module, there’s an updated version priced at $204.24, a 32% discount off the MSRP. This enhanced model not only offers incredible savings but also boasts a broader range of compatibility, making it suitable for even more vehicle types. With its advanced features and discounted price, it provides an excellent option for those looking to enhance their vehicle’s throttle response and acceleration across various makes and models. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your driving experience with this cost-effective solution.

K&N Throttle Control Module – $142.50 (59% off)

$142.50 at Amazon

Key features:

  • Improved throttle response: The K&N Throttle Control Module enhances throttle response and acceleration, making your vehicle more responsive to your commands.
  • Pedal sensitivity: It increases pedal sensitivity, delivering a more dynamic driving experience by allowing your car to respond swiftly to your inputs.
  • Easy installation: Installation is a breeze, taking less than 30 minutes with no software required. The module is also adjustable on-the-go for fine-tuning sensitivity.
  • Compatibility and warranty: The Throttle Control Module is compatible with GMC Sierra 1500, Chevy Silverado 1500 F/I, 2019, 20-3109, and is stackable with K&N’s Boost Control Module. It comes with K&N’s 90-Day Limited Warranty for added peace of mind.

This innovative module is designed to upgrade your car’s throttle response and pedal sensitivity without the need for any complicated modifications to your factory ECU settings. By processing input data from your gas pedal and tweaking the signal before sending it to the ECU, the Throttle Control Module unleashes a new level of sensitivity, making your car feel like a well-tuned beast on the road.

What makes this deal even more irresistible is the ease of installation. In less than 30 minutes, you can have the Throttle Control Module up and running, with no complex software to worry about. Fine-tuning the sensitivity of your throttle response is a breeze, thanks to the adjustable knob that allows on-the-go customization.

The package includes the module, a user-friendly wiring harness, the sleek aluminum control dial that adds a touch of style to your vehicle’s interior, essential hardware, and detailed instructions to ensure a hassle-free setup. Best of all, it’s backed by K&N’s 90-day limited warranty, giving you peace of mind. Please note that it is not legal for sale or use on any pollution-controlled motor vehicle in California.

What is a throttle control module?

A throttle control module like this one from K&N is a device designed to enhance the performance of your vehicle by improving throttle response and acceleration. It accomplishes this by increasing pedal sensitivity without requiring any modifications to your vehicle’s factory Engine Control Unit (ECU) settings. The module processes input data from your vehicle’s gas pedal, modifies the signal, and then sends it to the ECU, resulting in an adjustable level of throttle sensitivity. This, in turn, creates a significant increase in throttle responsiveness, making your car feel more dynamic and agile when accelerating.

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