Verizon’s New Streaming Bundle Gets You a Little of Everything – Review Geek

Most importantly, a big discount.


If you want to save money on streaming services, you should see what your carrier has to offer. Verizon customers can now bundle Netflix and Paramount+ with Showtime. The limited-time deal, which is tucked away in Verizon’s +Play aggregator, costs just $26 a month.

Notably, this is the first time that Netflix and Paramount+ have been bundled together. And Verizon isn’t offering the “cheap” versions of these streaming services—the new +Play bundle includes Netflix Premium (usually $20 a month) and Paramount+ with Showtime (a $12 package).

These two services would normally cost $32 a month. But you can save $6 with Verizon’s bundle (for a total savings of $72 after one year).

Most of Verizon’s cellular and home internet customers are eligible for +Play. All you need to do is visit the +Play website and enter your My Verizon login credentials. Unfortunately, Verizon FiOS subscribers are not eligible for +Play (unless they also have a cellular or home internet plan with the carrier).

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing this bundle, Verizon customers should visit +Play and see what’s available. There are plenty of discounted perks, including a free Google Play Pass membership for select subscribers. Also, +Play occasionally hands out free Netflix memberships.

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