We Figured Out Why This Electric Nail File For Pets Has So Many Positive Ratings

“I bought this hoping that my 15-year-old dog, who is deathly afraid of having his nails trimmed (everyone has cut the quick and made him bleed and cry), would allow me to use it on him. Otherwise, my only option is to have him sedated every time he needs his nails done, and he is too old for that. This trimmer is whisper quiet! Bruce whimpered and pulled his paws away, but finally, I was able to work on the nails. I followed instructions and only held it to each nail for 5 seconds. Trimmer is powerful and worked like a charm!!! Since Bruce’s nails were so long, I have been doing it every day for the last five days, and what a difference! With this trimmer and treats, Bruce is less afraid of getting his nails done, and I have found the perfect solution for this scared old dog’s fear of having his nails trimmed!” —Shadow Soldier

“I am probably the most paranoid dog owner, especially when it comes to trimming their nails. We have two teacup yorkies and I swear their nails grow so fast during the weeks between groomings. I have always been too nervous to cut them myself. Our dogs’ nails were long the other day to where her nails were getting stuck in the carpet. I decided to give this file a go. It is so stress-free and works great. It’s also quiet enough that it doesn’t stress my already little nervous dogs out when it’s time to trim them. The product is so easy to use, and I don’t feel like I am going to cut them too short or hurt them while trimming their nails.” —Kayleb Bills

“I have a Mix Breed Dog with a history of traumatic experience with nail trimming, thanks to a friend. We’ve taken him to the vet, who had to sedate him for future appointments because of his trauma. We had a nail grinder prior to purchasing this item and it was too loud and bulky that didn’t give us the chance to get close enough to him to use it. I tried using the item a couple of weeks ago, and it worked perfectly as advertised. It was a lot quieter and simple to use, making it effective for nail trimming. I was able to trim my dog’s nails for once in over four years without having to sedate or take him to the vet. He was a bit squirmish and hesitant the second time I tried, so I may have to use calming medication moving forward, but using this product made it a lot easier trimming his nails at home.” —Alexander

“This grinder method of cutting down nails is great! I don’t know why it took me so long to try this over traditional clippers. My dog hates the clippers. It’s a fight every time, and due to the struggle, there’s more risk to hitting the quick. And then you’re also left with sharp nails after needing to be filed down. First go with this grinder, doggo just sat there. The noise is quiet so he didn’t care, he just sat there and let me grind away his nail no fuss. Every once in a while, it would vibrate his nail, and he’d want to see what was going on, but otherwise, great. Being able to go slower, I can focus on the quick better, and you are left with a nice smooth nail after, so there is no reason to do the whole nail filing afterward either. A+ solution.” —Kevin S

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