What “Double Haters” Think About The 2024 Election

What "Double Haters" Think About The 2024 Election


“Morally, I can’t justify voting for either Biden or Trump. One supports genocide, and the other is a psychotic maniac who could start another civil war. So I’ll be voting Independent. Yes, the possibility of the independent candidate winning is low, but I believe if enough people vote Independent, it could make a difference a few elections from now.”

“It’s always a Dem or Rep that wins, so (at least I think) people are pressured into voting for one of the large parties. But if we, as a population, can show that we are willing to vote a different way, maybe future candidates won’t be as polarizing or might run on an independent platform that actually reflects some bipartisan ideas/what the people actually want (i.e., not funding genocide, not being racist/sexist/homophobic or having 91 felony charges).

The two-party system is a scam and just another way for rich people to stay rich and in power. The fact that people pledge unwavering loyalty to the right or left is ridiculous — it’s okay to have your own thoughts! It’s okay to not agree with your party all the time, and it’s okay to agree with the ‘other’ side sometimes. Plus, the two-party system makes candidates who really want to hold office sacrifice some of their ideals/morals to be backed by Dem/Rep parties.

For those who are planning not to vote or unsure of how to vote this year — I’d urge you to vote Independent. Your vote DOES count (even if your candidate doesn’t win): show those assholes in DC that they do NOT run us. They are OUR representatives and work for US. It’s time they get reminded of that.”


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