What Happened On July 9 Taylor Swift? Taylor Remembers Her Ex-Boyfriend

Taylor Swift

The 33-year-old American singer and songwriter Taylor Swift achieved success at a young age and has reportedly been in 12 relationships. She announced the release of her upcoming re-recorded album ‘Speak Now’ during The Eras Tour in Nashville. It will get released on 07 July as Taylor’s version.

The album will contain six songs written by Taylor. The songs will depict Taylor’s real-life events that occurred between 18 and 20 years of age with no filters and true confessions. The album will speak about it.

However, Taylor also mentioned the date 09 July in her tweet while talking about the album. She also added ‘iykyk’ (If You Know, You Know) beside the date in her tweet. The word ‘iykyk’ makes us crave the meaning.

Taylor has mentioned time, days, months, seasons, and even holidays in her songs. Fans love to hear the dates mentioned by Taylor in her songs, and 09 July is one of them included in the first verse of her song, Last Kiss, released in 2010. She has also mentioned the time,’ 01:58,’ in the same song, but let us only focus on the date.

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Importance Of 09 July In Taylor Swift’s Life

Taylor must have mentioned 09 July remembering her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas. So, ‘Last Kiss’ is the breakup song that mentions her last kiss with Joe. According to the chorus of the song, her relationship with Joe ended unexpectedly, and she did not expect that kiss, the stamp of his love on her lips, to be the last one.

Taylor’s fans assume the date to be the earliest of the dates when Joe and Taylor got together or officially declared their relationship. All these assumptions are made by the hard-core Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fans) because Taylor has not directly mentioned the importance of 09 July. Some Swifties also assume that Taylor went to see Joe perform in Texas that day.

Taylor Swift With The Jonas Brothers (Image Credit: People)

Joe Jonas And Taylor Swift

Nick Jonas has been in the news due to his wedding and love for Priyanka and their daughter. Joseph Adam Jonas (Joe Jonas) is his brother. However, Joe has a unique identity as an American actor, singer, and songwriter. He got famous after being a part of the pop rock band called ‘The Jonas Brothers,’ with his brothers, Nick and Kevin.

Getting back to the topic, Joe and Taylor dated for a few months in 2008. Joe used to perform with his brothers in several concerts during the Burnin’ Up Tour at that time. Taylor also performed with them in one of the concerts during the tour.

Fans officially learned about their relationship when Taylor announced her breakup with him on the show called ‘The Ellen DeGeneres.’ Till then, they used to deny being in a relationship. Instead, they used to call the people lucky who would date the other.

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, And Taylor Swift
Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, And Taylor Swift (Image Credit: Local Today)

After The Breakup

Apart from announcing her breakup with Joe Jonas, Taylor also talked about the 25-second-long phone call Joe made to break up with her. Both parties expressed their emotions in the songs released right after the breakup.

Both Taylor and Joe got back on track after some time. Taylor even said that she would get a perfect fit enough to make her forget the guy who broke up with her on a 25-second-long phone call.

Meanwhile, Joe used the Myspace page to address the breakup. He stated that he was not unfaithful. He had his reasons for the breakup. Talking about the 25-second-long phone call, Joe said he made it to discuss his feelings and did not cut it.

The call gets cut when the other party does not want to talk anymore, according to Joe. He got sad to see that he had unknowingly disappointed some fans.

Soon after the breakup, both parties penned songs describing their emotions and performed them in December 2008 with Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve. Accordingly, Joe released ‘Much Better’ about Taylor, and she released ‘Last Kiss’ about him.

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift became friends over the years. Joe’s wife, Sophie Turner, is a Swiftie, and the couple supports Taylor in her concerts together. Similarly, Taylor does not fail to support Joe by cheering on his songs or encouraging him on social media.

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