Which bundle is right for you?

Picking a NordVPN bundle can be tricky, especially if you’ve not used a VPN before.

We’re going to be running through all the differences between the NordVPN Standard and Complete bundles so you can decide which benefits you need most.

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But without further ado, here are the main differences we spotted between the NordVPN Standard and Complete bundles.

The Standard plan is the most affordable

Unsurprisingly, the NordVPN Standard bundle is the most affordable plan out of the three on offer. You can join the Standard plan on a monthly, yearly, or two-yearly basis. The most affordable is the two-year plan, although you will need to ensure that you will need the service for that long. You can see a breakdown of the costs below:

  • Monthly: £10.09 per month
  • Yearly: £83.88 per year (£50.28 per year with discount)
  • Two Years: £167.76 every two years (£83.76 per two years with discount)

These prices do fluctuate on occasion; NordVPN is currently running its birthday offer which brings the price of the yearly plan down by 40% and the two-year plan by 50%. The prices we’ve listed above are the standard prices, but you can take advantage of those discounts if you choose to sign up. The same discounts also apply to the Complete bundle, which we have listed below.

  • Monthly: £12.29 per month
  • Yearly: £168.84 per year (£76.68 per year with discount)
  • Two Years: £337.68 every two years (£136.96 per two years with discount)

Both bundles come with Threat Protection

Both the NordVPN Standard and Complete bundles come with Nord Threat Protection. This is a security defence developed by Nord that helps keep you safe from everyday cyber attacks, including malware and trackers. It scans the files you download, and if identified as a threat, Threat Protection will then block them before any harm can come to your device.

Threat Protection is included with NordVPN for free and can be turned on by going into the NordVPN app. It works on both Windows and macOS and provides a much safer browsing experience.

NordVPN Complete comes with NordLocker

The NordVPN Complete plan comes with NordLocker, which allows users to secure and back up their files via a private file vault on the web or within the desktop and mobile apps. You can simply drag and drop your files into the app and NordLocker will sort the rest.

NordVPN Standard does not come with access to NordLocker, meaning that you may want to upgrade to the Complete plan if you have any sensitive files that you want to keep out of harm’s way.

The Complete plan comes with a cross-platform password manager

Another benefit of the NordVPN Complete bundle is access to Nord’s own cross-platform password manager, NordPass. This software will memorise and store your strong passwords and comes with a data breach scanner that will automatically check if your passwords, email addresses or credit card details have appeared in a data breach.

Keeping your passwords and personal details safe is essential for online security, which is why your passwords will also need to be considered strong. If that is not the case, NordPass will generate passwords for you.

While there are other password managers out there that you can use, NordPass is automatically included with the NordVPN Complete package. This may be the better option for those who don’t already utilise a password manager and want to ensure that their passwords are safe from prying eyes.

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