Which Is The Best Tablet To Buy In 2020 And Why? IFixScreens

Which Is The Best Tablet To Buy In 2020 And Why? IFixScreens

The technological path is like stairs. Every year it undergoes innovation with further advancement in its devices thus, leaving the previously launched device far behind. Here, we are going to discuss the best tablet to buy in 2020.

However, according to our view, Apple iPad Pro 2019 is the best tablet to buy in 2020. As long as it has no replacement in the market, it can be given the status of the best tablet available in 2020.

In this article, we will discuss some of the qualities of Apple iPad pro that have given this device the upper hand over all other tablets.

Faster than Computer

It consists of an A12z Bionic chip that makes it really fast as compared to laptops and pc. It is no less than a miracle to have an easy carrying device that is faster than a laptop and has all the qualities of advanced mobile.

It has pro cameras, a keyboard, trackpad, touch system, and a pencil that makes it more handy and quick in action.

Liquid Retina Technology

Liquid Retina display is one of the amazing features of the Apple iPad Pro that consists of many advanced technologies. This display is attractive and immersive and has an eye-catching impact on everyone.

This is the most advanced mobile display with industry-leading color accuracy and True Tone.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a real blessing in Apple iPad Pro. These AR objects become more realistic here. It has great worth for animation and game developers. As this helps them in creating more realistic and attractive content.

Furthermore, developers can create more real content that has not only high-resolution imagery but also a realistic and life-like touch. Augmented reality not only adds five stars to their creativity but also makes their content more attractive and impressive.


When you have all the multiple traits of a computer, mobile, and digital art tablet in a single device then that device definitely deserves the status of the best tablet in 2020.

It can be used in office, collage, photography, game development, and many other activities. However, these multitasking features have made the Apple iPad Pro tablet as the first choice of the buyers for they really feel mesmerized with the idea of having too many features in a single handy device.

Thin, Light, and Durable

The iPad Pro is incredibly thin and has a widescreen. It can be easily carried for it is light in weight. Moreover, we are not surprised to tell you that its battery endurance level is up to 10 hours.

Now, you can have your hyperactive mini faster computer any time anywhere. Be it for students or for office workers it is helpful in both the places.

However, its slim screen is more efficient with an Apple pencil which helps you to create, draw, mark, and take notes.

Our Verdict

We feel that these qualities not only make this Apple iPad pro the best tablet of 2020 to be bought but also give it certain importance over other tablets.

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