Who Is Amanza Smith’s Baby Daddy? A New Drama In the Reality Star’s Life

We have news about Amanza Smith’s baby daddy! If you want to know about the reality star’s love life, you are at the right place. It seems like there is an endless drama in Amanza’s life. From health issues to her MIA ex-husband, the mother of two has been going through a lot lately. Keep reading to find out more about Amanza Smith’s baby daddy.

Earlier, Amanza shared some concerns about her health, stating that she might have cancer. As of May 2023, the reality star posted a thank you note on her Instagram announcing that she is cancer free.

She thanked her fans for their good wishes and constant support and claimed that her doctor thinks she might be aging backward. In her Instagram post, Amanza shared about her previous experience with cancer and how she lost her father (adoptive) to the deadly disease. We are relieved to hear about her good health.

Selling Sunset Star Amanza Smith (Credits: Mediapunch/Shutterstock)

Smith started her journey as an interior designer and finally became a Los Angeles-based real estate agent. She currently stars on Netflix’s reality TV show Selling Sunsets and has worked on several housing projects, including some of the big names in Hollywood. She is also the mother of two kids- a ten-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. So who is the father of her kids? Here’s what we know about Amanza’s baby daddy:

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Meet The Baby Daddy: The Father Of Her Kids

Amanza has been married and divorced to a former NFL player Ralph Brown, who is also the father of her kids. Amanza met Brown during the early days of her career when she was cheerleading for the NFL. The couple eventually tied the knot and started their small family. The couple divorced in 2012 after a brief marriage.

The Selling Sunset star gave birth to her first child in 2009, and a year later, she married the love of her life Ralph Brown. The couple announced their second pregnancy when Amanza birthed her second child in 2011. After being married for almost two years, the couple decided to part ways and got divorced in 2012.

Who is Amanda Smith's baby daddy
Amanza Smith and Ex-Husband Ralph Brown (Credits: Netflix/Getty Images)

After the divorce, Amanza and Ralph were supposed to co-parent their kids together, but things did not go as planned. Ralph became distant from his kids and eventually stopped contacting them. In August 2020, Amanza revealed that she tried to contact her ex-husband in every possible way, but he was nowhere to be found. It has been four years, and there is still no news about her ex-husband.

What Happened to Amanza’s Ex-Husband? 

As we know, Amanza and Brown were co-parenting their kids after the divorce, but soon it all went downhill. Even after the divorce in 2012, Amanza and Brown raised their kids together for seven years. So what went wrong in their life? Where is Ralph Brown? Here’s what we know:

It was August 26, 2019, when Brown dropped the kids at school, but what happened next changed their lives forever. Brown never returned back, and that was the last time Amanza and the kids saw him.

In 2020, Amanza spoke to E! News and opened up about the mental and emotional stress they had been going through since the disappearance. She said her kids have not heard from their father for over a year. Talking to People Magazine, Amanza revealed that she had to send her kids to therapy to help with the trauma and stress.

Who is Amanza Smith's Baby daddy
Amanza Smith Talks About Her Missing Ex-husband (credits: Netflix/Dale Fordham)

Ralph has mentioned that it was hard for him to be a father. He could not deal with the issues that came with parenting which made him physically and mentally weak. After his divorce, Brown had to pay for child care which affected his financial conditions. In his last message to Amanza, Brown mentioned that he was in a financial crisis, because of which he could not take care of the kids anymore. 

Amanza believes that her ex-husband is still alive and hopes he will return to the kids someday. But when it comes to co-parenting, the reality star is not looking forward to sharing the responsibility of her kids with Brown. She has managed to look after her kids all by herself and hopes to do so for as long as needed.

We hope the kids are happy and healthy and wish Amanza all the best for her future ventures.

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