Who Is Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy? Answered

Who Is Amber Rose's Baby Daddy?

Who is Amber Rose’s baby daddy? Yes, we are talking about the model who recently confirmed that she wants to stay single for the rest of her life. It’s very much evident that her love life has been troublesome.

In case you don’t know, Amber Rose is blessed with a couple of kids. Fans are lately showing their curiosity concerning who the father of her kids is. Well, it’s not one but two different men in her life. Before getting into that, let’s briefly discuss Amber Rose’s prominence in the entertainment industry.

Amber Rose is a versatile model who started making fame after signing with Ford Models in 2009. Hailing from Philadelphia, Amber is now 39 years old. But who would say that going with her looks? Besides her modeling career, she is also a host and served on the show- Loveline. Eventually, with her success, she started her VH1 talk show in 2016 called The Amber Rose Show. 

What about Amber Rose’s acting credits? Didn’t you watch her in the 2022 stoner comedy film: Good Mourning? She played the character of Weed Girl. Some others are- A Haunting, School Dance, etc. 

Coming back to Amber Rose’s personal life, the model dated quite a few men from the industry. Her relationship with Wiz Khalifa was quite prominent. The same goes for the rapper Kanye West. But the question remains: who are the fathers of her kids? If you are looking for Amber Rose’s baby daddy, here is what we know. 

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Meet Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy: Who Are They? 

Talking about Amber Rose’s baby daddy, Wiz Khalifa makes it to the top of the list. This is because, with him, the model shares her first child, a son. He was born in 2013. However, Amber’s marriage with Wiz Khalifa didn’t last, as the former cited having irreconcilable differences being the ultimate reason. Following that, she requested the full custody of their son. But it didn’t happen like that. Instead, Amber and Wiz both share joint custody of their child. That’s good!

Amber Rose’s baby daddy: Wiz Khalifa (CC: Page Six)

Who doesn’t know Wiz Khalifa? To the new ones, Amber Rose’s baby daddy is a versatile rapper. If you are looking for one of his nice works, make sure you listen to the 2022 album Multiverse. Some of Wiz Khalifa’s other notable singles are- Black and Yellow, No Sleep, The Race, Remember You, Shell Shocked, and Ordinary Life. 

Moving on with Amber Rose’s baby daddy, Alexander Edwards. In case you are wondering about his identity, he is a Def Jam record label executive. Besides that, he is also reported to be signed to Tyga’s label, Last Kings. That means Alexander is also a rapper. It was in 2019 they welcomed their child, a son. They named him Slash. Isn’t that a cute name? 

Who Is Amber Rose's Baby Daddy?
Amber Rose’s baby daddy: Alexander Edwards (CC: Yahoo Finance)

Unfortunately, Amber Rose’s relationship with Alexander Edwards also didn’t last. The model continued slamming her baby daddy for cheating on her. Yes! He cheated on her with not one but 12 women, and that was ridiculous. She even ended up addressing Alexander as a “narcissist.” On this note, she said, “I’m tired of getting cheated on and being embarrassed behind the scenes.” It was surely very ugly for Amber to deal with. Who would prefer getting cheated on? So, it was quite obvious from her side! 

Best Wishes to Amber Rose for the upcoming days of her life. We believe that the model is indeed a great caring mother to her kids. You may give Amber a following on her Instagram account for more such relatable updates. It’s very much possible that neither of Amber Rose’s baby daddies is in touch with the model in a great way. 

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