Why Did Smash Mouth Break Up? The Rock Band’s Frontman Left For Some Obvious Reasons

Why Did Smash Mouth Break Up

Want to know about Smash Mouth’s breakup? What was the reason behind the rock band’s split? It was originally formed in 1994. Many group members left, and many joined. However, when Steve Harwell departed from the band, it was very significant, being the lead vocalist. But why did he take such a step? Before getting into further details, let’s briefly discuss Smash Mouth’s prominence. 

Smash Mouth is a rock band based in San Jose, California. Right from the beginning, the only one who is continuing with Smash Mouth is Paul De Lisle. Well, Steve Harwell left it in 2021, leaving everyone in shock. When it comes to the band’s wonderful music releases, the hit ones are Can’t Get Enough of You Baby, Story of My Life, So Insane, Mama Don’t You Worry, Walkin’ on the Sun, etc. Which is your favorite? 

Being a huge Smash Mouth fan, isn’t you listen to its 2006 album, Summer Girl? It’s highly recommended to you if you haven’t already. 

Coming back to Smash Mouth’s break up, Steve Harwell’s departure disappointed many. The lead singer had enough valid reasons for stepping down from his involvement with the band. It was pathetic initially. But life goes on. Despite his exit, the band is continuing with their releases with new members. Now, the question is, why did Steve Harwell leave Smash Mouth?

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Reason Behind Smash Mouth’s Break Up Revealed: What Happened?

When we talk about Smash Mouth’s break up, we usually mean Steve Harwell’s exit from the band. What was the reason? Well, the major reason behind his departure was his health. The frontman was both mentally and physically ill, and that’s what he cited while parting ways. Since his childhood days, Steve has stayed passionate about music and worked hard to lead the band. 

Smash Mouth’s former frontman: Steve Harwell (Credits: Yahoo Finance)

Talking about Steve Harwell’s health, the singer was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. In case you don’t know, it is defined as a group of various conditions which is related to the heart muscle. To be more exact, the heart muscle usually thickens or thins out. Not only that, but at times, it also fills it with substances that do not belong in the heart muscle. One of the ugly aftermaths of this disease is heart failure. 

Steve Harwell’s health issue didn’t just limit to that. He also got diagnosed with acute Wernicke encephalopathy. It affected his memory and also speech. 

It was In 2021, Smash Mouth’s performance at the Big Sip beer and wine festival got hampered badly. Why? Steve was spotted slurring his words and also threatening the audience. The event took place in Bethel, New York. At that time, it felt like Smash Mouth was about to take some time or break up. 

Surprisingly, Smash Mouth did not break up completely but took some time off, searching for Steve’s replacement. Meanwhile, the frontman chose to prioritize his health. Well, there was or still is nothing to be disappointed. It was a basic and needed decision. 

At present, Smash Mouth has- Paul De Lisle, Randy Cooke, Zach Goode, Sean Hurwitz, and Michael Klooster, respectively. They are reported to be working on their next release. We are eagerly waiting for its fall. 

Best Wishes to Steve Harwell for the upcoming days of his life. You may give Steve a following on his social media account for more updates. Well, without him, Smash Mouth doesn’t feel the same. However, no wonder the band is still now doing great with its new team. We are hopeful that the band achieve more name, fame, and success in the following years. 

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