10 Highly-Rated Portable Solar Panel Chargers On Amazon

10 Highly-Rated Portable Solar Panel Chargers On Amazon

Not only is this baby waterproof, but it can convert up to 23% of sunlight into usable energy, charging your devices even in bad weather. It folds right up and is easy to carry, so you can bring it anywhere you have to go.

Promising review: “This panel excels in making the advertised watts. On cold, sunny January days, it would charge at 122 watts. Now, on sunny days in May, I’m pulling 125W and 129W. I have this panel charging a Bluetti EB3A. The EB3A has an app, so I can keep an eye on its status. I wish I saved some pictures from cloudy days because I was even pulling 20 to 25W with clouds.

I like how it folds up, stores the cables, and sets up. I’ve gotten efficient on setting it up and putting it away from use. It’s not rainproof which is a downer. It has flipped over on windy days, so I now have some weights I place on the legs which really helped. It might be best to just lay it flat on the ground when it’s very windy. Only time will tell how durable it will be. But for now, I can recommend this solar panel!” —coolcat

Price: $299

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