10 Must-Watch Scary Movie Recommendations For Halloween

10 Must-Watch Scary Movie Recommendations For Halloween

SYNOPSIS: New England, 17th century. When the youngest son of a farming family disappears, their eldest daughter Thomasin comes under suspicion. The family, already in bad graces with the church, turns on one another, and Thomasin is accused of witchcraft, a claim she vehemently denies. 

Julia’s take: This movie is moody, dark, and very real. 1600s New England is already a mood-setter, and there’s nothing like contending with religion and the fear that The Supernatural™ strikes into one’s heart that puts you in the mood for Halloween. Plus, it has Anya Taylor-Joy. Also, Robert Eggers is amazing. Also, watch The Northman. 

IF YOU LIKE: Impeccable vibe curation, Puritans vs. Witches, intense autumn spookiness, being really f—ing afraid, and movies that literally set the standard for their genre, then you should watch this! 

Where to watch it: Stream it on Max.

Special mention: This is not related to The Witch at all except for its time period, BUT if you want a little more of a whimsical old-timey spooky New England movie, try Sleepy Hollow (1999). 

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