12 Things Doctors Do When Traveling To Avoid Getting Sick

12 Things Doctors Do When Traveling To Avoid Getting Sick

“I make sure I am up-to-date on vaccines before travel,” Wu said. “Flu and COVID-19 are so common among travelers, and even a mild case can ruin a trip. Also, for international travel, there are additional vaccines that might be recommended or required, or even malaria prophylaxis for some areas. I suggest travelers check the CDC [Centers for Disease Control Prevention] travel website or see a travel medicine specialist for advice.”

In addition to getting the necessary travel vaccines ahead of time, you may want to procure special medications in advance.

“Consider getting a prescription for diarrhea medicine if traveling to another country where traveler’s diarrhea may be an issue,” Bawer advised. “If traveling to another country, avoid drinking their water — this includes anything washed with local water like salad and fruit. Focus on eating foods that have a shell and don’t need washing and drink bottled water. Also, use this to brush your teeth. This can help to avoid traveler’s diarrhea from developing.”

Packing an over-the-counter anti-diarrheal like Imodium is another good idea, especially when traveling internationally.

“If I’m uncertain about particular meals, I try to stick to foods that have been fully cooked and are served hot, avoiding raw and undercooked foods,” Viola added.

10. Keeping Up With Sun Protection

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