14 BTS Secrets About How Fake Reality TV Is

14 BTS Secrets About How Fake Reality TV Is

“This couple got sent to a butchers an hour away to film their meat shopping because their actual local butcher didn’t have the right lighting for the film crew. Production made them pretend on camera that it was their local butcher and they knew each other by name.

One ‘couple’ had actually broken up by the time filming started, but they pretended to still be in a relationship because they didn’t want to miss out on doing the show. On the other hand, another team was a lesbian couple who everyone pretended were ‘friends’ for the show because one of them was a school teacher in a conservative area and was worried about her job being threatened by it. (They did later come out as a couple in a TV interview.)

The filming days were incredibly LONG and pretty boring behind the scenes. They’d also wait right until the end of the day to film their confessional interviews, and keep probing the increasingly exhausted contestants to say something juicy until they gave in because they wanted to go to bed.”


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