14 Wild Lies People Who Dated Pathological Liars Shared

14 Wild Lies People Who Dated Pathological Liars Shared


“When I met Jarrod, he told me he was a wildlife biologist studying invasive species in Lake Michigan. He had a LinkedIn profile with that job listed. He shared all these stories about his coworkers, and sometimes even brought over leftover food from their meetings. Additionally, he lived in a condo with a friend of his. I visited a couple of times, but we never really spent much time there because I had a dog and lived alone, making it easier to spend the night at my place.”

“After five months of dating, I broke up with him because he was a terrible boyfriend, and I started to feel like things weren’t adding up, but I had no idea the extent of it. After breaking up, I found out that he was unemployed (and had never worked at that organization) and also homeless — he had just been crashing with his friend for a little bit and got kicked out by his friend for stealing money from him. When he wasn’t sleeping at my place, he was with other women. He also racked up debts in my name and, like, a million other small lies. It was a slap in the face coming to terms with how gullible I was, but luckily, I’m happily married now to a compulsively honest and transparent person who’s wonderful!”


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