15 Regrets Older Adults Have From Their 20s And 30s


“I took for granted my physical self in my 20s and 30s. And yes, I’d hear it from people my now age (50s) to take care of myself, but I figured their aches and pains and saggy parts were all because they ALWAYS looked that way. Nope, 50 pounds heavier from menopause and learning that cutting back on a few calories won’t help me shed five pounds in a week, as well as regretting all the days/nights I did not wash my face and apply moisturizer. If I could rewind, I’d stretch and move more, and develop a skin care regimen.”

“I know we cannot undo aging, and believe me, I’ve earned my wrinkles and laugh lines, but I’d just take better care of my overall self so I’d FEEL better in general.”


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