17 Just Really Great And Funny Reactions To Sophie Turner And Taylor Swift Being Spotted Together

17 Just Really Great And Funny Reactions To Sophie Turner And Taylor Swift Being Spotted Together

If you’ve been reading up on celebrity news recently, then chances are you know all about Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner‘s recent divorce. After four years of marriage, Joe officially filed for divorce earlier this month, with the file claiming, “The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.”

Closeup of Joe and Sophie on the red carpet

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The pair were married in 2019 and have two children together.

At the same time, rumors about Joe and Sophie’s falling out kept hitting the internet, and they were so wild. They even started a new meme because of course they did.

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Amidst the divorce, Sophie has been spotted filming her new series Joan, while Joe continues his recent tour with the Jonas Brothers. Sophie has been very quiet when it comes to addressing the divorce, aside from an Instagram post asking for privacy, while Joe hinted at the rumors about the reason for their split while on stage one night.

Joe onstage saying,

Closeup of Sophie and Taylor


Of course, Sophie and Taylor have been friends, and fans of each other’s work, for years. When Taylor dropped “Mr. Perfectly Fine” from Fearless (Taylor’s Version), a song that is rumored to be about Joe, Sophie posted it on her story.

Screenshot of Sophie Turner's Instagram story in which Sophie wrote

Sophie Turner / Instagram / Via Instagram: @sophiet

Sophie was also seemingly given a “Mr. Perfectly Fine” friendship bracelet at a Jonas Brothers concert right before news of the divorce became public.

So, it’s safe to say that Taylor and Sophie now hanging out is objectively the BEST thing to happen during this whole thing, and naturally, the internet reacted accordingly. So here are just some of the best (and funniest) reactions to Sophie and Taylor hanging out:

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In conclusion:

Sophie Turner is currently in the impeccable position of being able to listen to Taylor Swift breakup songs literally written about her ex & I think that’s beautiful

— tori (@doritenholm) September 6, 2023

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