17 Murderers People Remember From High School

17 Murderers People Remember From High School


“A girl I went to school with came from a decent family, but she got pregnant at 12, baby by 13. This was early 2000s so that was absolutely bonkers news. Still is, imo. Well, she got married years later and had a 4-year-old stepson who ended up dying. She said he fell off a skateboard — the evidence showed otherwise. She had beaten him to death. Her defense PAID a medical examiner $6,500 to try to say the skateboard story ‘could have’ happened. Thankfully, the doctors, nurses, etc., were able to see otherwise. She killed an innocent 4-year-old boy. I’m sure this says a lot about a life that has mostly been spent being a MOTHER, but I still can’t believe it. She got abuse and manslaughter charges, which is wild, and, of course, has gotten all ‘Christ-y’ since this happened. She was sentenced in 2014 to a total of 20 years at age 26. That poor child and his actual mother. I can’t imagine.”

“I’ve gone back and forth wondering if I should just give her name because I really don’t care about her privacy, but then I didn’t want to for the family’s sake. I think I’ve left enough clues, though. I trust you all are smart enough not to bother the victim’s family.”


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