18 Age Gap Relationship Stories

18 Age Gap Relationship Stories


“My boyfriend is 16.5 years my senior (I’m 33, and he’s 50). We got together when I was 29. I had previously been married to a younger man (five years younger), so it was refreshing to be with someone more mature. My ex was extremely smart, but was abusive and likely had an undiagnosed mental illness. Both my ex and current partner are registered nurses. I have never felt peace as I have in my current relationship — we definitely have our ups and downs, but for the most part, it’s pretty effortless. We rarely argue. The only issue is he doesn’t want kids, and I’m on the fence.”

“It’s causing me a lot of inner turmoil to be honest. I love him with all of my heart, but I’m afraid the day will come when I have to chose him or children (especially, as I reach my mid-30s). 

Overall, I feel like he gives me a lot of sound life advice. We often have a good laugh when he references something that happened in the ’90s (when he was in his 20s) and I’m like: ‘Yeah, I think I was in preschool. 🤣'”


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