19 Of The Wildest Lies People Have Ever Heard

19 Of The Wildest Lies People Have Ever Heard


And: “I had a coworker, K, who, for years, would tell the most obvious lies. I never called him out, although I was dying to, since we were just coworkers and it wouldn’t have been worth it. Where do I start? He said one time he was going house hunting with his fiancée, who fell in love with a house. During the open house, he heard a man express interest in purchasing. So, according to K, he followed the man outside, wrote down his license plate number, went to his local police station, and used their system to look up the man’s information. K then went on Facebook to find him, messaged the man, and said he was not allowed to put an offer on the house because K was going to. And, the man agreed to bow out.”

“Also while house hunting, K spoke directly to the owner of the house, and the owner was so charmed, they knocked the price down $100k, just for him! It was weird because he never ended up getting the house…almost as if it never happened! 

I think my favorite lie, however, was when he ‘applied to work for the FBI,’ and his story behind that. He went through the whole process to be an agent, reaching a round of panel interviews. He said the people who interviewed him were just so impressed by his resume and his interviewing skills. At one point, I guess they asked about illegal activities, and per K, he made a ‘joke’ that he considered every first date with a woman illegal because it was basically sex work since he would pay for the date and well, after, there would be intimacy. The joke was apparently a huge hit, and they guaranteed him a job. I followed up, and he never got the job. Almost as if…it never happened.

Okay, wait, one more. This might be the most obvious lie. When he and his fiancée took their newborn daughter to her 30-day pediatrician appointment, I kid you not, he tried to convince me that his daughter not only took her first steps, but walked across the entire exam room. And their pediatrician was exclaiming that they’ve never seen anything like it in their lives!!!!”


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