19 People Who Married The First Person They Dated

19 People Who Married The First Person They Dated


“We’ve been married 15 years, and I hope we’re just getting started. We have grown up together in some ways, and I see how that has made married life easier. My friends who married later had more time to orient their lives around their own preferences with no one to consider but themselves — and that can be a hard mindset to shift out of. Not bringing any baggage, hurt, or hangups into the relationship made it easier to be genuine and authentic from day one. While we were a great fit for one another, and our personalities lent themselves to compatibility, we also believe love is a choice, not a feeling. So we started choosing one another early and are still doing it today. Whether or not I feel ‘in love’ doesn’t impact whether we act lovingly towards one another.”

“Over and over again, we have led our hearts back to those affectionate feelings. We have lived so much life in a short amount of time: seven children, cancer, and major life upheavals. I’m grateful that I will have this man who has battled it alongside me, and we have this huge collection of shared memories. I can’t imagine a sweeter life.”

—36, Texas

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