20 Helpful Chewy Products For Senior Pets

I have two cats in my household, one of whom is, at 16, a little old lady. Throughout her entire life, she has rejected every. single. pet bed we have ever tried to give her… except this one. She loves this thing. She will spend hours in it if left undisturbed. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the bed itself, the possibility that she has grown into the idea of pet beds as she’s gotten older, or some combination of the above — but it is now her favorite place to be (other than on her favorite human’s lap, which, it should be noted, is not my lap). I’d call that a success.

Promising review: “Best cat bed ever! I have two 15-year-old cats who love to snuggle. As soon as I took this bed out of the box and fluffed it in the dryer, one of them immediately claimed it, and he LOVES it. He spends most of his time here and is so happy. I am going to get another as soon as they are restocked — maybe a size smaller (size small is surprisingly big) but honestly, my cats are pretty big, so they seem pretty content with the small.” —Amber

Price: $15.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and 11 colors)

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