20 Reactions To Teacher Banning Slang Words In Class


“Parents should be supporting their children’s teachers! The moment the children step past that threshold and into her classroom, there are specific expectations regarding their education! This is the bare minimum this teacher, who is considered an educated expert in her field, should be asking of her students! If this teacher did not care, she would let the children decide how English shall be taught!”

“Instead, this teacher is teaching them real world responsibilities toward one’s own education! This teacher, a professional educator, is NOT ‘anti-black.’ Seriously? This educator is ‘anti-low-test-scores.’ This educator is fairly laying the groundwork for if these students would like to pursue any type of higher education. This educator is teaching the proper way our education system has decided our children should write and communicate. I don’t know any university that would accept this kind of grammar used by some of her students! Or any abroad!”


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