21 People Who Experienced Low Probability Events

21 People Who Experienced Low Probability Events


“When I was in high school, I was having a dream one night that my grandma had passed away. It was somehow my fault, but no one was mad at me. In the dream, my whole extended family was at the brunch that usually follows funerals, and I saw her behind everyone waving for help. No one else could see her, though, so I was trying to get to her through all the people and was getting upset because I wasn’t moving fast enough.”

“Then in real life, I was abruptly woken up from this dream by the house phone ringing at, like, 1 a.m. My parents and siblings were sleeping, too, so the answering machine picked up. It was my grandpa, and he was crying while saying, ‘She won’t wake up! She won’t wake up, please call me back!’ I think my mom picked up at that point. Anyway, turns out my grandma had a serious medical event and had been inches from death. Thankfully, she recovered and went on to live another couple decades. All that in real life while I was having that dream is some INSANELY COINCIDENTAL TIMING! Not sure of the odds, but I’d say this is pretty rare!”


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