22 Screenshots Of Entitled Internet Beggars Who Took Their Desperation To New Heights

22 Screenshots Of Entitled Internet Beggars Who Took Their Desperation To New Heights

1. This person who will pay you with their awesome personality and riveting conversational skills:

2. This person who’s basically looking for a part-time pet parent:

3. This person with a rather long wishlist:

4. This post that made me say, “In your dreams, pal!”:

5. This TikToker who seems to think they can build their dream wife:

6. This person with an urgent request, but only if it’s the right color:

7. This person who needs just a few free things:

8. This person who didn’t appreciate a taste of their own medicine:

9. This good ol’ “I’ll pay you in exposure” nonsense:

10. This very odd and specific arrangement:

11. This person who felt inclined to publicly complain about the free food other people donated:

12. This person who is hoping God, or a Facebook user, will bless them with a free car:

13. This person who got beaten by their own game:

14. This person who got rightfully owned in the comments:

15. This person who will hire you if you ask absolutely no questions about the job whatsoever:

16. This absolutely bonkers post from a person who is absolutely, without a doubt, more than just a “little rude”:

17. This person who won’t pay you for your labor, but will encourage you to pay for room and board in their house to do said unpaid job:

18. This person who thinks “bragging rights” are the same as financial compensation:

19. This completely uncalled for response:

20. This person who wants live-in childcare for free:

21. This person who wants to hire someone to do two jobs for less than the price of one:

22. This person who will pay you pennies to be at their beck and call:

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