22 Strange Ways People Have Been Asked Out


“I’m from Malawi and I went to university in Zambia. The WiFi at the apartment building where I lived wasn’t really usable. So, one day, I ran into someone who sold those little pocket MiFis as an agent of a Zambian network. I was like great, let me try this. So, he helped me set it up and he gave me his number incase I had any issues. I definitely had issues. I tried to call and text him, and he basically gave me the run-around, saying he’d get back to me tomorrow, it was his day off, he’d lost a family member, etc. I tried calling the network provider customer care and they basically referred me back to him. Eventually, he finally came by the apartment building and sorted out the issue. So, I was like great, thanks, have a nice life.”

“A couple of days later, he texted me and confessed he was in love with me and asked if I would be his girlfriend. He said he would be a devoted boyfriend and would take care of me and all this other stuff. I was seeing someone at the time, so I told this agent guy that, but he was adamant. He was like, ‘I’ll take better care of you than he does. I’ll love you more.’ Long story short, I blocked him.”


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