24 Unusual Body Things People Didn’t Know Weren’t Normal

24 Unusual Body Things People Didn't Know Weren't Normal


“My body is asymmetrical from the waist down. One leg and foot is slightly smaller than the other. I hate buying shoes because it’s hard to find styles that accommodate my larger foot without falling off my smaller foot, but the difference isn’t so great that anybody really notices. For the longest time, I thought jeans manufacturers were just horrible at measurements because the seam of one leg always seemed to be too long. I found out my right leg is actually shorter when I went to the chiropractor for some lower back pain.”

“He straightened out my hips and asked if I knew one leg was a little more than an inch shorter than the other one. I have recurring pain in my lower back and knees, and I can crack my neck super loud. I am definitely very clumsy and can’t run on a treadmill (it’s hard to run in a straight line like that, lol).”


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