25 Father’s Day Gifts From Target You’ll Want To Give

25 Father's Day Gifts From Target You'll Want To Give

Promising reviews: “This made a wonderful gift. Lots of games to choose from, and it’s lightweight and portable.” —anonymous

“I love the Switch Lite! I own an OG Switch, and when these were released back in 2019…I didn’t think the Lite was for anyone but kids! I WAS WRONG! Although I love the versatility of the original Switch, the Switch Lite does portability better than the OG Switch. I use it primarily on the go, at work, and gaming in bed. With a case, it’s the perfect size! I have no negatives to report here! Really enjoy this console and wish I considered it a long time ago!” —Mzgamr90

Price: $199.99 (available in three colors)

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