25 People Who Divorced After 20+ Years Of Marriage

25 People Who Divorced After 20+ Years Of Marriage


“The love in the dating phase was addicting. It was striking gold. But after the honeymoon, it started falling off. Less kissing, less hugs. More sleeping different hours, more phone addiction. Then came a need for control and instituting terms for sex. I tried for 19 years to prove my love and worth. Then I finally realized I was a fool. It was only getting worse. I was in love alone, and my wife wouldn’t discuss a thing without getting angry and shutting down any discussion.”

“I learned about covert vulnerable narcissism. I’m no doctor, but it checked a lot of boxes, and the likelihood of improvement was said to be as poor as my experience was showing. I threw in the towel, and I don’t think it bothered her that much. I had no value. Should have done it much sooner, but I really love this woman. Still hurts.”


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