27 People Who Quit Drinking Share What Made Them Stop


“My son was very excited that the 50th anniversary of a movie he loves was showing at a local movie theater — with three original cast members making an appearance. I bought tickets for our family and talked it up as the day of the movie approached. The night before the movie was the end-of-year party for my job. I promised myself that I wouldn’t go too hard on the booze, but I don’t remember how I got home, and I woke up with the world’s worst hangover. It turns out my husband had been trying to get in touch with me for hours before I got home. I was blackout drunk and incoherent when I arrived home, six hours after I said I would be home. I scared my husband and myself.”

“Worst of all, I couldn’t go to the movie with my family, and my son, who was 7 at the time, said, ‘It is because you are sick from drinking too much.’ I quit that day and have been sober for 217 days since. That day was not my first blackout, but I sacrificed too much in my life for my family to lose memories with them.”


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