27 Things From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

27 Things From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Use a UV blacklight (as shown above) to find urine spots you didn’t even know were there!

Angry Orange is a small biz that was founded in 2014. They provide pet-related household cleaning supplies like stain removers, mops, and more.

Promising reviews: “I was skeptical at first; my cat peed on my couch, and I had tried everything else, but the smell was still there. I saw an ad for this and was completely surprised. It worked so well! I sprayed my couch and wiped it down, and the smell is GONE! Worth every penny!” —Amy

“I love my dogs, stink and all. But I get embarrassed when non-dog owners come over, and my house smells like a pond. Y’all know what I’m talking about. I keep a clean house, but I can’t afford the water to wash their beds every week. I decided to try Angry Orange, and let me tell you, it works. Just two sprays on each dog bed and the odor was gone. Also, four hours later, after the orange smell had dissipated, still no doggie smell. 👍👍👍” —ocdmax

Get it from Amazon for $17.96 (available in two sizes).

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