30 Makeup Styles Now Considered “Old” — Do You Agree?

30 Makeup Styles Now Considered "Old" — Do You Agree?

First were the skinny jeans. Then came the side part. And now, TikTok has something to say about eyeshadow.

TikToker Jennifer Latch shared a video of her with her daughter in which she said, “my daughter just told me that eyeshadow is a gen X and millennial thing, AKA an old lady thing.”

And in a Stitch of the video, which has 6.1 million views as of the time of writing, makeup guru Erica Taylor suggested that you can still wear eyeshadow and look young — “but we can’t do this,” she said, pointing to an eye with light eyeshadow in the lid with black shadow in the crease and liner. “The dreaded V,” where the outer corner of the look is sharply defined in a darker colour “is what dates us,” as is “taupe on taupe,” the creator thinks.

She shared that she thinks using one colour of bright shadow all the way through the lid and using a bronze liner is the way forward. Of course, not everyone agreed that eyeshadow is an inherently “old lady” thing…

…but others did. So, we want to know where you stand!

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