30 Things From Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

I first bought this for a weeklong Croatian vacation last year when I did carry-on, and as long as you are *thoroughly* reapplying, this stuff stays on pretty well. On a beach club afternoon, I did haphazardly reapply and missed a strip on one arm, but I tend to do that with spray-on or lotion sunscreen, too. Since then, I’ve packed this for any trip I’ve been on, including a two-day Disneyland trip where I toted this around in my bag and shared with friends. I sometimes carry it with me in my purse on my everyday adventures because I know it’s so easy to apply. Also worth mentioning…I am about the palest lady you’ve ever seen and swear by daily application of sunscreen. But when on a beach trip, I’m constantly swimming in the water and sweating. So yeah, this stuff works. 

And if you’re a bit hesitant about jumping on the solid sunscreen bandwagon, you can pack a stick of this, knowing you have enough sun protection to get you through to finding some spray-on or lotion SPF at your destination. 

Promising review: “I bought this before a Florida beach trip this month. Of course, after a long winter, the Florida sun can be very intense and concerning. I use this on my face. It doesn’t break me out and has perfect coverage. Twice applied during a three-hour beach outing, did not burn at all. After a few days of this routine, my face is perfectly bronzed.” —Mflowers

Get it from Amazon for $9.88.

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